Assessing the strategic business opportunities and risks posed by technological innovation and the impact of emerging technologies

Developing innovation strategies to capture new  opportunities and mitigate the threats


Supporting you to assess and manage the
strategic business impact, opportunities, risks and threats presented to your company by emerging technologies and the dynamics of technological change

is a UK-based business consulting firm with a global reach, specialising in the management of innovation. It is a company with an engineering soul, an innovation mindset and a business outlook.

Our core expertise

DeltaHedron has developed a range of core expertise areas which support our future-focused consultancy services, strategic risk assessment, strategy development and decision-support in the management of technological innovation.



Our consultancy services

We analyse emerging technologies and integrate these trends with innovation strategies to support our clients with decision support to manage the strategic business impact, opportunities and risks


Executive Innovation Insight personalised technology intelligence support for executives and decision-makers

We serve a
variety of sectors…

We serve a variety
of sectors…