Drone powered transformation to improve productivity and safety

PWC/ May 2018 – Enhanced vision through drones and advanced image analytics. With the high uncertainty in the resource prices, the mining industry has been late to adopt innovations, compared to other asset heavy industries. The key aspects of the process stayed the same over last decade. Today, with the recovery on the markets, the entire industry is under pressure to achieve a breakthrough in productivity. Global leaders started to implement digital mine strategies and observed significant gains in productivity and safety.

The starting point to unlocking the new productivity potential is related to acquiring better data in order to fully understand the resource base, optimize processes and track the performance Drones and advanced image data analytics are one the key technology enablers impacting the productivity and safety in the digital mine. This document presents the benefits of them in the mining production process and PwC digital transformation. methodology to support our clients in leveraging the technology to produce more with less.
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