Beyond Executive Innovation Insight

Complementary services

Building on the basic Executive Innovation Insight service and our client relationship, DeltaHedron is well placed to provide additional services and undertake complementary assignments and consulting, either on an ongoing basis or as one-off assignments

These can, for example, include:

    •  Regular summaries and analysis of recent technological developments and trends, from your company’s perspective.
    •  A ‘Disruption Readiness Assessment’, which assesses the technology reliance and the risk of your company and its industry being disrupted by emerging technologies. This assessment is also useful as an input into the corporate risk management and audit processes.
    •  Consultancy regarding broader aspects of the management of technological innovation.
    •  Inputs to corporate strategy development.
    •  Special projects, competitive intelligence assignments and research, as well as facilitation of access to experts, scholarly papers and conference proceedings.
    •  Presentations to boards, management, staff, clients and conferences.
    •  Executive education and supporting the establishment of in-house capacity.
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