Are you getting the technology intelligence you need?

Technology intelligence to support strategic decision-making
    • Tracking the development of emerging technologies lies at the heart of technological intelligence. It is much more than ‘a casual scanning of the blogs from time to time’. It requires a systematic and consistent mining of information, and detecting and interpreting the signals - which are often weak, faint and not obvious.
    • The key is in analysing and interpreting the intelligence from your company’s viewpoint – what does it mean for you and what is it really telling you?
    • Businesses are usually aware of most technological developments in their direct area of interest (…right?). However, very often the disruptive developments may come from an area which would not normally be in your field of view.
    • Technological disruptions also very often result from the interaction of a combination of emerging technologies with one another and innovations from other fields, rather than just a single ‘new technology’. Technology intelligence must connect the dots and analyse the impact that one emerging technology may have on one another.
  • Are artificial intelligence, drones, cryptocurrencies, robotics and augmented reality, for example, disrupting your company and industry now....
    ....even as you read this ?
    ....are you sure ?

    "That is why DeltaHedron continuously scans a wide spectrum of emerging technologies, their applications, the industries they impact on and the underlying cross-cutting themes...

    We are constantly searching for the broader trends, links and interactions
    ...and how all of this may impact on your company"
    Are you getting the technology intelligence and decision support you need?
    • There is a bewildering array of emerging technologies out there. It is difficult to keep track of all the developments in real-time.
    • You are busy. Even though you recognise the strategic importance of technology intelligence, there are a myriad of other issues you need to attend to as well, all at the same time – all urgent and important.
    • However, it is important for you to know which emerging technologies (or combination) will impact on your business.
    • You need to exploit the opportunities and mitigate the risks presented by emerging technologies – these are real, ubiquitous, significant and dynamic.
    • You need to have the right decision support to make strategic decisions regarding the emerging technologies.
    • You need technology intelligence that can support you to understand the evolving landscape and envision your company’s future, to formulate the right questions and assess options
      ...and you require this in a format when and how you need it.
  • "Technology intelligence for business leaders is not about the technical details and physics in the first instance.... is about supporting you to make better decisions regarding the impact that emerging technologies and technological change will have on your company"

    It is about the strategic leadership required to create value and gain competitive advantage through innovation