Configuring Executive Innovation Insight to suit your requirements, preferences and working style - how it works and making it work for you

Executive Innovation Insight is a flexible personal technology intelligence service, that can be configured to suit your working preferences and style, requirements and schedule. This ensures that you have timely and continuous technology intelligence support to make informed decisions.

    • During the initial client engagement discussions, the set of emerging technologies of interest to you are determined, and we learn about your your working preferences.
    • Targeted news alerts relating to these emerging technologies are then delivered regularly to you through a user-friendly, individual, personalised and private e-journal, which can be can accessed on your tablet, smartphone or computer at your convenience.
      The content of the individualised e-journal is dynamically adjusted as your needs and priorities change, or if new or specific topics of interest, opportunities or threats arise.
    • Regular strategic dialogue discussions with a dedicated DeltaHedron consultant via phone, video link or in person.

      This enables you to interactively discuss the strategic business impact, opportunities, risks and options presented by the emerging technologies identified in the news alerts, relevant to your company and your responsibilities in the company

  • Configuring the Executive Innovation Insight service to suit your requirements and working style

    • Executive Innovation Insight is designed to be a personalised service, and the premise is to configure the delivery so that it adds value to you - it should support your decision-making (...not be an additional time consuming burden).
    • The emerging technologies (and their applications and industries) of importance to you are included in the regular updates on your personal e-journal.
    • Your selection of emerging technologies can be changed (added/deleted/substituted) as your priorities change or as new opportunities and threates arise. If the technologies of interest to you are not on our regular list, we will add them.
    • You can decide the fequency of updates to your e-journal, for example weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
    • The regular strategic dialogue discussions are scheduled to suit your diary.
    • DeltaHedron is well positioned to undertake complementary services as your need for those may arise - new emerging technologies becoming important, new opportunbities and risks or new competitors (for example).
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    Your personal e-journal
    A personal e-journal, accessible to yourself and DeltaHedron, is created for you. News alerts are delivered regularly on a user-friendly platform which you can access on your smartphone, tablet or computer at your convenience. You can also use the platform to send comments and feedback to DeltaHedron.