Emerging technologies, applications and industries
continuously monitored by DeltaHedron

    •  DeltaHedron continuously monitors a broad spectrum of emerging technologies, their applications, industries on which they have an impact as well as cross-cutting themes. We scan a wide variety of news sources on a daily basis to keep track of evolving developments and trends. DeltaHedron has developed proprietary software systems that support the data mining, curating, filtering and analysis of the technology intelligence.
    •  Depending on your requirements, relevant news items are selected. They are then regularly uploaded to your personal e-journal. The portfolio can be changed to include more/less/other areas of interest as your requirements change.
    •  Because we know you as a client, understand your business and where you are going, we are constantly searching for trends and signals of emerging technologies that are of importance to you - including those that may not be in your usual 'field of view', but which can have a significant impact on your company in the future. We alert you to these trends via the updates to your e-journal and the strategic dialogue discussions.
    • The table below shows a selection of areas we monitor continuously. If you have an interest in an area which is not included in the table below, we shall be happy to include it in our monitoring search.